Pluryal® Silk 1x2ml

AS SOFT AS SILK Pluryal Silk 1x2ml PLURYAL® SILK REPAIRS DELICATE AREAS PLURYAL SILK is a viscoelastic, non-pyrogenic sterile polynucleotide gel for single use, for intradermal infiltration. Product Details Delicate Product, Bold Advantages Stimulates and repairs the skin Is adapted for the most delicate areas (face and body) Highly pure and safe Fast treatment with minimal downtime Offers natural results WHO IS A CANDIDATE FOR PLURYAL SILK? Pluryal Silk is designed to treat specific face and body areas, in particular the neck, the under eye or the back of the hands. Everyone can benefit from this treatment, but mainly patients who are: Young and worried about preventing the signs of aging. Asking for flawless skin. Looking for natural results. Searching for treatment options different from fillers and botulinum. Living in big polluted cities.

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Pluryal® Hair Density

Pluryal® Hair Density 1x2ml Pluryal® Hair Density is an injectable medical device based on the HPN technology WHO IS A CANDIDATE FOR PLURYAL HAIR DENSITY? Pluryal® HAIR DENSITY is designed to nourish hair follicles and strengthen the scalp. Everyone can benefit from this treatment, but mainly patients with the following indications: • Eyebrows and beard: lack of density • Scalp issues: 1. Telogen effluvium 2. Hair thinning 3. Hormonal alopecia in women (including androgenetic) 4. Androgenetic alopecia in men 5. Post-pregnancy (local loss) 6. Post-COVID19 Alopecia 7. Adjuvant therapy: LED light, PRP (autologous platelet-rich plasma) 8. Adjuvant therapy after hair transplantation HOW DOES PLURYAL® HAIR DENSITY WORK? 1. HYDRATE THE SCALP  2. DENSIFY THE SCALP BY STIMULATING THE COLLAGEN  3. IMPROVE THE MICROCIRCULATION  4. PROTECT THE SKIN  5. REACTIVATE THE HAIR GROWTH

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Pluryal® Densify

Pluryal DENSIFY is an injectable medical device based on the HPN technology. Pluryal® Densify 1x2ml WHO IS A CANDIDATE FOR PLURYAL DENSIFY? Pluryal® Densify is designed to treat regular skin areas which need to be repaired. Everyone can benefit from this treatment, but mainly patients who are: 1. Asking for an improved skin condition: texture and color 2. Seeking for skin rejuvenation (except the under eye area): dull and tired skin, signs of fatigue, lack of radiance and lack of firmness 3. Desiring to treat dehydrated skin 4. Willing to treat aggressed skin (after an aesthetic procedure) 5. Looking for a safe and natural treatment that is different from dermal fillers 6. Wishing to prepare their skin for other aesthetic treatments (filler, laser, peelings...) EFFECTS 1. Hydrate the skin  2. Densify the skin: stimulate the collagen  3. Improve the microcirculation 4. Protect the skin  5. Rejunate the skin

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Pluryal® Biosculpture

Pluryal® Biosculpture (2x1ml syringes 2x27G needles - 2x30G needles) TECHNOLOGY USED Matricyal 3D TRIPLE ACTION ▪ Moisturizes: restores the natural osmolarity of soft tissues. ▪ Restructures: stimulates dermal and hypodermaltissue receptors. ▪ Restores hypovolumes: fills and recreates lost volumes on the face, décolletage and hands. RESULTS ▪ Immediate and safe ▪ Natural: Enhanced plasticity, better penetration, greater power and spreading speed than standard fillers for optimum tissue distribution. ▪ Long-lasting effect up to 5-6 months thanks to the presence of 3 differentmolecular weights HA, highly concentrated HA and cross-linked HA.

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